Building a community of problem solvers with intelligent software


We believe young engineers have great potential to tackle problems with machine learning. To take part in this fast growing movement of advancing intelligent software, we build a community of passionate students who have brilliant skills and ideas as well as a desire to learn about artificial intelligence.


As a community, we embody ideals that foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for engineers.


We value not only past experience, but also intuition and the ability to think strategically.


Members are chosen because they have demonstrated an incredible work ethic.


We expect members to be genuinely good people at heart.


Ashley Ye
Emma Guo
External VP
Alicia Wang
Internal VP
Jade Wang
Internal VP
Jay Chou
VP of Operations
Myrah Shah
VP of Marketing
Chloe Wong
VP of Finance
Mehul Raheja
Head of Education

Project Leaders

Alicia Wang
Dylan Goetting
Jimmy Li
Nathan Juan
Sebastian Zhao


Alena Chao
Alvin Xu
Amos You
Amudha Sairam
Aneri Sheth
Annabelle Park
Annie Lee
Armaan Goel
Carly Feng
Cyprian Zander
Derek Nie
Devang Jhabakh Jai
Dominic De Bettencourt
Elaine Qian
Eric Liu
Ethan Hsiao
Hannah Huang
Hi Brenny Ur Looking Cute
Iris Zhou
James Jiao
Jennifer Zhao
Jim Wang
Julia Isaac
Kailash Ranganathan
Kevin Chen
Kiran Suresh
Maggie Yi
Max Emerling
Michelle Pan
Nathan Nakamitsu
Nikhil Pitta
Nisha Prabhakar
Oleksii Volkovskyi
Patrick Wang
Rachel Lee
Rahul Vijay
Reina Wang
Richard Li
Rohan Tibrewal
Ryan Campbell
Ryan Tabrizi
Sean Kim
Selena Zhao
Shi Hao Lee
Shuming Xu
Tanush Talati
Tony Xin
Vincent Lim
Winston Liu
Zane Mogannam